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  • What is FGBMFI?
  • How did FGBMFI begin?
  • How does the FGBMFI operate?

What is FGBMFI?

The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International is made up of Christians from all church backgrounds, who organize meetings in hotels and restaurants where men share their experiences of how God has changed their lives.  Our goal is to testify to the power of the living God in our world today through thousands of chapters in about 150 countries of the world who meet regularly.  The FGBMFI seeks to bring all Christians together under the single banner of their experiences in Christ, and to strengthen them so that they can go back to their respective churches refreshed, renewed, and ready to be more actively involved in them.

How did FGBMFI begin?

In 1951 Demos Shakarian, a dairy farmer of Armenian parentage living in California, was concerned about the lack of men in churches.  He believed that God was calling him to begin something new--bringing men together in hotels or restaurants to hear the testimonies of other business men.  This was the beginning.

The Fellowship's remarkable and unique history is told in the best selling Christian biography by John and Elizabeth Sherrill, The Happiest People on Earth.

How does the FGBMFI operate?

A chapter is usually started in a town when about ten men have caught the vision of the FGBMFI and meet together on a regular basis to pray.  A director or representative in that area will then meet with the men and a chapter will be set up with a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  It is preferable for the men to come from a variety of church backgrounds.  All officers must be able to share a testimony and be filled with the Holy Spirit.  FGBMFI members are expected to be members of a local church.

The Chapter will hold outreach dinners, lunches, or breakfasts in hotels or restaurants, on a regular basis, inviting speakers who are able to share a testimony and minister to people for salvation, healing, and whatever is needed.  Speakers are advertised and introduced in relation to their profession/occupation which may enable men to relate to them more easily.

Those who become Christians in these meetings should then be encouraged to join a local church enabling them to grow in their faith.

It is important to emphasize that the FGBMFI is not a church.  It aims to support ministers, priests, pastors, and their churches.  The offices are held by laymen, but Clergy, if led by the Holy Spirit to do so, are very welcome to become members of the Fellowship.  It can be an opportunity for them to sit back and enjoy the ministry of others so that everyone can be encouraged in their Christian faith.

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